Dear Jacques,


It is with great pleasure to greet you through the name of our Lord Jesus.


Praise God for His leading and guidance because even we face many troubles and problem he always show His love and compassion to us through His powerful hands. Thank you for your prayer and support for His ministry here in Madagascar.


These are some of the thing that you missionary had done and what happen in their lives:


Pastor Martin and Barimalala: the work of CEF and the ministry of the churches that pastor martin has went well but they got problem right now. Their headquarters decided to move them to another place not in Ankadinondry anymore the source of the problem is because Pastor Martin couldn’t visit regularly the seven churches under his responsibility because of some problems like ( kind of transport / health problem / the place is far from each other ) so some of the churches made some complaining so the headquarters decided to move them. They are still there right now but may be this week they will receive the decision. For Barimalala her ministry goes well but because of this changing she must move too. But even that she has 8 good news club in the open air 560 children reached 156 counseled to salvation. / she works in two different schools and reached 408 children 95 counseled to salvation .and more children reached through contacting them directly.

Please pray for them Pastor Martin was very sick these last two months /Please pray too for Barimalala for the new area to do CEF’s work and especially for their children that they will move in new area and new school.


For Harline she has got new baby girl her name is Fanekena . Her ministry goes well . She is our national director of education and provincial director that can substitute while I’m not present. We have five big different training this year 4 TCE 1 and 1 TCE 2 these training will be held on the month of august and September in five different areas. Please pray for Harline in managing this big task on her shoulder because she plan everything. Please pray for her that she will have the enough finances to fulfill this great plan to equip people for the ministry. Please pray for her good new club in the open air and schools. She stop doing club because of the new baby born.


For myself Jacques thanks for your prayers. Many things I face and problem but I know that someone pray for me so I can stand firm on my responsibility. Please pray for my travel to place to place area to area.


Thanks a lot and God bless you