E-pos aan Jacques vanaf Diavolana,

18 Februarie 2013


Hi Jacques,


Thanks for thinking about the ministry of CEF here in Madagascar.


Here are some articles about four of us.



She is doing well but busy of waiting a new born child this month of February but she still work. We had our national meeting of all full time workers this February from the 7th to the 9th . She was not there because the place we held the meeting is little far from the town (162 km) you know how far is it here in Madagascar because of the bad road but she prepared many things before that meeting because she should be one of the speaker but she just sent everything she prepared about training (she is our national director of education and still doing the other job as local director), but in general she is in leave for giving birth now.


Myself: (Diavolana)

I have got lot of work to do and I want to praise God about that because I know that He is alive. We face many challenges, people are become more poor everyday because of the political problem, insecurity reigns everywhere here in Madagascar; but praise God that we still have open door everywhere here. Please pray for my team that the meeting we had last two weeks will renewed our point of view of the work. It was big challenge for me to lead the work. Four local areas have got 5 candidates to be full time workers, we know that God need people to reach the unreached. I will have more travel to do the end of this month and next month to talk visit some of the areas.


Martin & Barimalala

Just last three days Barimalala phoned me that Pastor Martin is not very OK she said that maybe he is tired of walking and riding bicycle to visit churches the motorbike that someone lent them is broken years ago. They are doing well on the work. Barimalala has got clubs in some of the areas we visited together when you were here. Here is a letter that they wrote I tried to translate it.


“We are very happy to greet you all,


We are very happy to write to you


We are thankful to God that we still alive and could serve our Lord, the children had got strong fever but they are right now and their schools is right. Valiha still want to be a pastor but Salema changed her vision that she want to be a missionary instead of doctor that she said before.


About the church we still here where you’d visited Jacques, Pastor Martin couldn’t visit so often the churches because of the distance and because of the transportation, he has to ride bicycle but he is tired and his strength decreased and some churches couldn’t visited often we still have burden for our people but because of that some churches are not happy about that because of this problem our headquarters think to move us to another place. We are ready and happy to serve and to do the work wherever God send us. Thank you very much that we know that we are always in your heart because we are one in God the Father and the Lord Jesus. Thanks for your prayers and your support for us. Colossians 1:9-12

Barimalala & Martin (Valiha-Salema-Tanjona-Andry-Marcellin-Heriniaina)”


God bless you