« Even so it is not the will of Your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish »

Mathew 18 :14




March 2011


Dearest friend,

« For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, … »

Isaiah 41 : 13

I teached this verse in my good news clubs three weeks ago. The children amazed in God’s providence but before all children I gave thanks to the Lord who helped in every circonstance

Super seminar

Four responsables of church asked us to do super  seminar in their church during these last three months. It was not easy to accept because some of these church were far in the countryside or in other area and regarding of all works, it was so difficult. But God wants all children to be saved. He hold the right hand and he make all thinf possible.

Three of these super seminar have already finished and the fourth will pass this week I write.

I don’t remember in one of these. It’s a super seminar during five days (Monday until Friday). It’s rain cause of a wind storme in Madagascar. I was wet twice times because I couldn’t stop to arrive on time. God provided even for hot clothes and I could teach normally.

New good news club

Other school opened his door for good news club last February. The responsable knew the benefit of God’s word in children’s life and wanted to start good news club. I teach there with one voluneer teacher now. All children in all classes is about 50 (it’s the same of one class in other school) but it’s wonderful to teach them. I trust that God will hold children’s right hand.


Our country

Political life in Madagascar do not again resolve now. As a matter of fact problem brings other problems and so on. All things are difficult in human eyes but God can hold the right hand. He hold the right hand of his children in Madagascar, his little and old children and that recomfort us.

We don’t know when the problem will resolve but we know God hold our right hand.

Please pray for :

v  All Sunday school teachers who followed super seminar courses that God will use them

v  All my good news clubs and especially for the new one

v  Our country that Jesus’s peace will reign here

v  Me, my husband and my family

Thank you very much

Your friend in Christ,


   RAVAOARISOA Vao – Harline